AT&T Wireless is the worst. Can they be labeled the Anti-Lazy or labor intensive device carrier?

Mon, Jun 13, 2011

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I have an HTC Aria phone on AT&T. It’s a good little device. Its running Android 2.2 which I downloaded from HTC, it originally came with Android 2.1. I have some complaints about the crap-ware and bloat-ware that AT&T puts on the device but overall I like it, AT&T made an attempt to make the device better by recently pushing an Over the Air update that would allow non-market apps (sideloading). Most non-AT&T Android devices already allow this feature. This update would allow me to install Amazon app store as well as other non android market apps.
After a month I tried to find out why I still hadn’t received this update. Looking online some people had received it.

I hate to call customer service because the representative are usually ignorant. So I used the web chat feature on the AT&T website. The rep was understanding and seemed to look into my problem and eventually that my device wasn’t listed in the system they use to push the updates and that I would have to call customer service to have them add it.

CS Rep#1
Attempted to explain my situation to the CS rep. He got hung-up on the previous web chat and I had to tell them no less than 15 times that I wasn’t having a problem with web chat on my device and that my problem was that I still haven’t received the OTA update from at&t to enable sideloading of non market apps. I might as well have been speaking German to this guy. I got frustrated and hung up while he had me on hold.

CS Rep#2
Explained my situation to this rep I did not mention my web chat or previous call so I wouldn’t have the problem I had before… lol. Well this one told me it was a device problem directed me to the htc support site to download the update. I attempted to reason with her to no avail. I asked for a supervisor and was told they will say the same thing. I was given the url to the htc website and a hardware replacement phone number and the kiss-off.

So in conclusion I would never buy another device from AT&T STAY AWAY! The CSRs are retarded!

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