Backing up and transferring your SMS messages

So I learned a week ago that dropping your HTC Evo on the pavement from about three feet will undoubtedly result in a cracked screen. Fortunately, I have insurance on the phone and within 24 hours a new one was waiting for me on my doorstep. I was also lucky in the sense that the cracked phone was still (somewhat) operational.

After taking an inventory of all my Android apps, I realized that by migrating all my data to the new phone, I would be losing all my text messages. You may or may not care about this, but I have many messages with phone numbers and notes that I simply do not want to lose.

I found SMS Backup & Restore ( – works like a charm. Be sure to read their Related Downloads section (, as you will need a css sheet to place in the folder with the XML file that is created. Once you do, you can open all the messages in your browser and easily read them.

Great program to fix what may or may not be an issue when transferring to a new phone.

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