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Lazy Frying?

7. March 2015


Things don’t have to be “techy” to appear on LazyAutomation… Lately, I have been converting over to cast iron pans for cooking on the stovetop. They are easy to maintain, extremely cheap (a 12″ cast iron frying pan will run you about $20) and will last FOREVER. My interest in cast iron began with a […]

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Whole House Audio – Now on Android!

6. November 2011


You may have read my previous post on my whole house audio system. I have been very happy with it over the years, but lately, the ability to EASILY choose which music I wanted to listen to AND be able to listen to it anywhere I want has been a struggling cause. My system has been […]

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FTD – Will they regain my business?

22. February 2011

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So FTD responded to my tweet on Friday afternoon, shortly after my second tweet regarding the fact that I had still not received a response. They requested that I send a message to another customer service e-mail address, which I did. Keep in mind that things were fresh in my mind when I wrote this. […]

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FTD – Apparently not the lazy way to send flowers on Valentine’s Day…

17. February 2011


On February 4, 2011, I placed an order with FTD to deliver flowers to my fiance at her workplace on Valentine’s Day. This was in addition to the gift I was getting her. In my opinion, sending flowers should have been the easiest part of my gift to her, in the truest spirit of laziness… […]

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Another Touch Panel is operational…

5. February 2011

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About a year ago, I found a great deal on a 19″ touch screen on eBay (which would be the only place I would ever go to if I wanted another touch screen – brand new screens are simply not a good deal, in my opinion). As a result, the 15″ that I had currently […]

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Coffee the not-so-lazy way…

28. August 2009


If you have read any of my articles to date, you know that I am the one that will do anything to try and automate a process… Take coffee: I fill up my coffee pot at night. Set the timer, go to sleep, wake up with a nice cup o’ joe… Or at least I […]

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Humidors, Cigars and… Lazy Automation???

5. March 2009


Ok, I admit it… I love a good cigar. Wait, let me correct that. I love a great cigar. Friends turned me on years ago to cigars and ever since then, I enjoy sitting back with a stoagie and a nice bottle of Port wine. The problem is, if you are going to buy a […]

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