Ceton InfiniTV Card Arrives!

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

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It’s here!

Back in May, I ordered a Quad-Tuner PC Card from Ceton Corp. Unfortunately, Ceton had some PRETTY bad issues that pushed the delivery of cards back significantly. Some people waited nearly 6 months to receive their cards. Mine took 5 months.

Last year, the PC that operated my entire house died. Rather than replace it, I did some reorganizing. The PC I was running in the living room could be replaced. I had purchased this PC several years back and it would easily run Homeseer. Furthermore, I could purchase a new PC for the Living Room that was running Windows 7 (Vista was running on the previous box) and hopefully take advantage of this new quad-tuner card.

I purchased a new PC shortly after I placed the order for the Ceton card. It was a Dell XPS series, with an AMD 6 core processor (that’s right 6 cores – lemme hear ya growl!). It was initially delivered with a 1TB hard drive, but I also added a 2TB drive shortly thereafter. I also went hard core (for me, that is) on the video card. It is a massive card, and takes up two slots on my motherboard. I think it has its own cooling system.

The object of all this?

To set up a media center to distribute content to any number of devices within the house. I recently purchased two Xboxes (I need at least one more) that will act as extenders for all my content. In the end, I will be able to view my photos, listen to music, watch videos and TV on any TV in the house.

That is pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

Now the card is sitting on top of my PC, since I can’t install it until Verizon comes on Saturday. They will not allow (currently in my area, that is) a consumer to perform a self-install. Really stinks because usually I wind up knowing more than the cable guy that comes to the house about the equipment.

Once I get the card installed I will let you know how the installation went as well as my thoughts regarding the new equipment.


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