FTD – Apparently not the lazy way to send flowers on Valentine’s Day…

Thu, Feb 17, 2011

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On February 4, 2011, I placed an order with FTD to deliver flowers to my fiance at her workplace on Valentine’s Day. This was in addition to the gift I was getting her. In my opinion, sending flowers should have been the easiest part of my gift to her, in the truest spirit of laziness…

Previously, I had used ProFlowers to deliver flowers – this time I opted for FTD, since I could gain extra miles through Continental for placing the purchase with them. 

Needless to say, the flowers never arrived on Valentine’s Day. The entire process was a nightmare. I thought it would help other people to see what I ultimately wrote to FTD – I have yet to receive a response.

To whom it may concern:

I want to bring to your attention the events that transpired today, February 14, 2011. Perhaps you should use it as a case study within your organization.
On February 4, 2011, I placed an order for flowers to be delivered on Valentine’s Day to my fiancé. The order number was FRN576215.
At approximately 12:30pm, when I hadn’t received a call from a fiancé to thank me for the beautiful flowers, I decided to go to to check on the status.
I entered my e-mail address and order number and was given the following message:
Your order is being processed by a local FTD florist. We will check with the florist on your order number FRN576215 and provide you with a status update via email at
Thank you for using

You would think that based upon the message, I would receive an e-mail shortly regarding my inquiry.
Approximately two (2) hours passed and no response. I decided to call FTD. After waiting 38 minutes (literally), I was forced to hang up. I thought perhaps it would be better to send an e-mail. For reference, I suggest that you visit and click on the Customer Service link that you reference in your “on hold” message. Within that page it states that if you cannot find the answer to your question to e-mail FTD. However, when you click on the email link, you are brought to another page that does not list an email address to send a message to. Unbelievable.
It is now 6pm. At approximately 5:15, I was able to finally contact a service representative (after waiting another 20 minutes). After explaining my story to her, she attempted to contact the florist, who was not available either! When I requested that I be connected to a supervisor, she agreed and asked me to hold. After another 2-3 minutes, the phone appeared to ring. After many rings, a voice mail system picked up. Halfway through the call, I was cut off and placed back into a hold state. Except this time, after a few minutes, I heard a message thanking me for calling PETCO!
At this point, I would like to personally thank you for ruining both mine and my fiancé’s Valentine’s Day. Nothing you can do at this point will salvage the poor experience that I endured today.
In an economy that we are currently faced with, you simply cannot survive without a solid customer service experience. Yours is below par, in my opinion. 




I was able (after waiting on hold for 45 minutes) to speak with another customer service representative. Although she apologized and confirmed that my order was cancelled, she really did nothing more that take down my complaints to “make sure they get to the right people”. I explained to her that my letter to them would be posted in it’s entirety online, and that I would strongly suggest that someone respond accordingly.

Still no response.

FTD – Bad.


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