Gadget Boy, meet Android (oh, and a cool app called “Our Groceries”)…

Mon, Mar 28, 2011

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So I have had an Android phone before… I originally owned the Samsung Moment which, although it was a cool phone, it wasn’t all that spectacular in my opinion.

A few weeks ago I renewed my contract and chose the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint.

This thing is a beast. I guess it doesn’t hurt that when I ugraded, my wife also upgraded on Verizon from a Blackberry to an Android.  She has been wanting to move to the Android platform for some time. Since she is with Verizon, it was the Droid Incredible for her. The two of us have gone nuts with the phones. In addition to the games (apparently one cannot own an Android phone without a copy of Angry Birds installed), we are trying to incorporate the phones more into our daily lives.

Our Groceries

I keep lists. Lots of lists. So does my wife. Generally, I find myself e-mailing my wife things like “can you add eggs to the list?”. Makes no sense and wastes time. Even more useless is having to call, text or e-mail your significant other to find out what you need more of when you are stopping at the grocery store. I did some searching and found “Our Groceries“. The problem I was finding was that many of the apps that people use are share-able, but only through e-mail (drawback – I e-mail you my list when I am done, but what if you now add more items to it?) . I’m sure you see that trying to keep an updated list between two people could become very cumbersome. With “Our Groceries“, we can maintain a common list that is maintained literally on the fly. After installing and setting up on both my phone and my wife’s, we were in business. As I would add items on my phone they would update on hers within seconds. If I delete them, they disappear off of hers nearly immediately.


This program does it. Very cool indeed. And verrrry pro-Lazy…

Suggestion for the developer: add a bar code reader to the app. When I use a can of something I can just scan the barcode before I throw it in the recycling bin to let me know I need more – now THAT would be extremely pro-Lazy!

One last note – you don’t have to both have Android phones to enjoy this app – it also works on iPhone and Blackberry. I am assuming the functionality will be the same on the iPhone – not sure about the Blackberry.


What apps do you use to maintain your lists?

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