Google Powermeter aims to reduce energy consumption


Google recently announced a new service, Powermeter. As the name suggests, Google is attempting to use its expertise at gathering and organizing information to help reduce the electricity consumption of households. Ultimately, this would help people reduce their utility bills by making smart decisions regarding their use of electricity and reduce their carbon footprint.

Although the project is currently in Beta, Google appears to be promoting this item quite heavily. It appears that the big obstacle is the electrical meters themselves and integrating them into the overall system. Until Powermeter graduates out of its current Beta status, Google offers these energy saving tips.

This could be a huge step forward for the LazyAutomation community! Being able to track consumption and bring costs down is something any gadget freak would love. For the time-being, I will still be using my Kill-A-Watt to track individual outlets throughout my house.

Here is a video that Google released regarding Powermeter:

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