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Tue, Feb 3, 2009

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Here is something great to do when once you have your plasma hooked up to your TV: Host a Texas Holdem game.

You may ask, “What does Texas Holdem Have to do with having your plasma hooked up to your TV?”

Because you can install and run The Tournament Director on your PC.


What is the Tournament Director?

The Tournament Director allows you to organize and run your own Texas Holdem match like a professional. From creating a database of all your players to planning how many chips each persons gets to when to raise your blinds, The Tournament Director covers it all.tdblindsschedule

I use it to manage 10-18 player games in my house with ease. Best of all, I immediately rose to the top of the ranks among my friends for the host of all hosts when it comes playing Texas Holdem.

After you enter all your friends names, you choose how many tables you want to have. With a click of a mouse, TD seats all the players for you. Best of all, when people get knocked out, TD determines whether or not people need to shift tables to balance everything out.

One minute before the end of each round TD notifies you that the end is near. This can be a simple bell sound, or you can download any number of MP3 clips to have it play for you. I like having a female voice say “One minute left” and then have the World Series of Poker guitar riff play at the end. It adds a certain element to the game and everyone gets a kick out of it.

Why you need to run TD on your plasma

Displaying the TD through your plasma brings your game entirely to the next level. Everyone gets a nice, clear view of what the blinds are, how much time is left, and what the average chip count is. Very cool!

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