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Mon, Mar 7, 2011

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So my weight loss is coming along. I am really not paying too much attention to it – I would say I am paying more attention my workouts more than anything.

In the spirit of being lazy, incorporating running can be tough. But you do need exercise regardless, and for me – well running does it. 30 minutes on a treadmill burns about 430 calories, which is crucial (again, for me) to weight loss. I also feel for the time invested, you get the best results. The problem is still trying to keep your mind wrapped around doing something that can be extremely boring.

So what are my gadgets?

iPod – Mandatory. Music makes the time fly. Think about it – 30 minutes is about 7 songs.

Garmin 205 GPS Watch – Forget trying to map out where you would like to run on Google. Turn it on, wait for it to find satellites, and start running. The 205 keeps track of the time, distance and speed for you. It also keeps your runs extremely efficient. When you return home, connect it to your laptop using a USB plug and you can download the data from your run. I was able to pick up the 205 through Amazon for less than $100 during a gold box sale. It is a bit bulky compared to the newer models but does the job just fine.

DailyBurn – This is a website that is great for tracking workouts and current body weight. If you want to get crazy, it will also track your diet for you. I suggest you track your calorie intake for a week – you will be surprised at what you will learn.

BodyMedia Fit – This little device is awesome. You place it on your left or right tricep and it begins collecting crazy amounts of data regarding your activities. In the end, it is able to (with a margin of error of about 10%) provide you with great data that is crucial to weight loss. I can see total calories burned, total hours slept, steps taken throughout the day and a graph of my calories burned on a minute to minute basis. Compare the data to your calories consumed, and you will know for certain whether or not you are achieving your goals. It provides a fun way to track everything as well.

What gadgets help you exercise?


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