Turning your Flatscreen TV into Artwork

Fri, Feb 20, 2009

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Plasma AquariumSeveral months ago, I was in a lounge in Brooklyn and noticed that there were ambient style videos playing on the plasma televisions mounted on the walls of the restaurant. More specifically, they were videos of women “shadow dancing”.

Not being one to be outdone, and thinking that this would be something really cool to add to my setup, the next morning I began searching the web for this media. Shortly afterward, not only did I find the videos that I had seen the night before, but I also stumbled upon a world of other videos designed to play on your plasma TV to create an “ambient” effect in your house.

Let’s begin with the “Shadow Dancers” – this is a very cool video with women shadow dancing to various types of club music – now if you don’t like the music, you can turn the volume down on your TV and play your own music through your whole house audio system (this is what I preferred). Now, simply put together your coolest playlist and start the video. The girls will appear to dance to your music – very cool.

As I said above, on my quest to find this medium, I also found other types of “plasma art”.

Here is the website that seems to have the creme de la creme of plasma art. The concept is very cool. During my last Christmas Party that I hosted, I played the Fireplace DVD while Christmas music played in the background. It definitely sparked some conversation from the guests at the party. They also have a shark tank DVD which is just as cool. The Art DVD‘s look cool, but I think I could create my own by finding artwork that I prefer more and burning that to a DVD (maybe another article for the LA?).


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