Water Sensor Saves Basement

Sat, Nov 6, 2010

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Hello All:

You cannot have an even slightly automated house without having a (or several) water sensor(s) in your basement.

Last night, during a card game at my house, a friend came up the stairs from the basement and said, “hey, there’s a siren going off in your basement”. I was able to run downstairs quickly and turn the water off to my water heater before anything worse happened. In the end, my only “damage” was a small puddle of water (no more than 2-3 paper towels’ worth).

I cannot stress enough to any of you the importance of having a water sensor next to your hot water heater (or washing machine). This sensor has saved me twice, once shortly after I bought my house and yesterday.

Fortunately, my A.O. Smith water heater had a ten year warranty and I was able to replace it at about a $2-300 savings.

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