What was that on the radio?

For those of you that struggle from time to time like I do, trying to figure out the band or singer on the radio, you need to have SoundHound installed on your Android Phone (I believe there are iPhone versions as well). I used to use Shazam to identify bands (I was in the beta phase), but when I changed phones, I was unable to move the license. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with that, and it made me stop using the app as much as I previously was (the free version only allows a minimum number of lookups per month). Shazam is essentially the same program as SoundHound, but you need to pay for it (I’m sure someone out there would argue that they’re different). Let’s face it, free is good, especially when it is a great little program.

Simply open the app, hold the phone somewhat near a phone (I say somewhat because I was clothes shopping one day and wanted to know who was playing through their PA system. I opened SoundHound and walked near a ceiling speaker. A few seconds later, I knew the singer and song.

It’s a pretty cool app, and it’s free. Check it out – you can find in the Android Market Place.

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