Why every flash drive should have PortableApps installed on it.

Sat, Feb 28, 2009

Geek Information allows you to take software with you. It is open source (free), and works on any portable storage device (USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, portable hard drive, etc). If you are constantly moving around, you really should check out PortableApps.

Setup is easy – simply head over to and download the application and save it to your flash drive. In the last 24 hours, I have slowly converted my entire life onto a memory stick… Since I am already a Firefox user, it was very easy to begin, since Firefox has a portable version. I transfered my bookmarks over
the lite version and I was up and running instantly.

PortableApps also sports a password bank call KeePass. I will be writing something separate about this, but this software forced me to abandon SplashID, which I had been using for quite some time. Several years ago, in a state of panic because I had come to the realization that all my passwords were the same, easy word, I embarked on a mission to create individual, 10-18 character passwords for all my logins. I found SplashID, and all was good. What was even better was that SplashID sync’d with the Palm Treo, so keeping my passwords “portable” was extremely easy. Since I stopped using my Treo, I had been slowing moving back to the same password for everything. Now, I have been able to not only import my passwords from SplashID into KeePass, but everything is now on a portable stick that I can carry around everywhere.

PortableApps also includes a free, open source Office Suite, which provides similar functionality to MS Office. There is a slew of other applications that you can download yourself. I added a few games, FileZilla for file transfers to my websites, and 7-Zip, an archiver.

Once installed, PortableApps sits in your tray, waiting for you to click it.

All in all, PortableApps has put together a very cool product that I definitely recommend everyone that has a flash drive install immediately.

Are you using PortableApps? What software do you have installed on it?

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