Your life… TiVo’d…

senseadImagine arriving home after work and replaying the day’s events. Who you spoke to… who you saw… what you experienced… You could fast forward, rewind, and pause.

Sound strange? Yes indeed. But it is out there, and Microsoft is investing money in it. You can read more of it from Microsoft here.

Enter the SenseCam

From Wikipedia:

Microsoft’s SenseCam is the key image capture tool for the MyLifeBits project, a lifetime storage database. […] This research prototype of a wearable camera will contribute to an easier way of collecting and indexing one’s daily experiences by unobtrusively taking photographs whenever the internal sensor is triggered by a change in temperature, movement, or lighting. In addition, the trigger can be disabled and set to go snap photos in a timer mode. The Sensecam[3] is also equipped with an accelerometer, which will stabilise images so as to reduce blurriness. The camera can be worn around the neck or attached to one’s belt or pocket.

The photos represent almost every experience of its wearer’s day. They are taken via a wide-angle “fish-eye” lens in order to capture an image that is likely to contain most of what the wearer can see.

Some people refer to these devices as Life Recorders and go so far as to predict that they will be this century’s wristwatch.

Having the ability to play back one’s events of the day is quite intriguing. Imagine a person with Alzheimer’s, unable to recall events. With a SenseCam, he or she could play back the day’s activities ad refresh their memory.

I’m not sure where I stand completely on this… I doubt though that I would wear one… This is a major privacy concern for me.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you wear a SenseCam?

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